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Vrindavan : Much More than a place

Vrindavan a little town with a huge number of fascinating legends and holy festivities with the bristle of blessing from lord Krishna. Every corner of this wonderful pilgrimage emits fragrance of Lord Krishna’s childhood and youth. Filled with historical temples, ashrams and worship places, this town is the place to visit and live for devotees. Vrindavan turns into a colorful, delightful, spiritual ocean of krishna lovers during Janmashtami, Radhashtami or Holi which are celebrated with great excietment and gaiety and draw unexceptionally huge crowds from all around the world.

The name Vrindavan comes from the word ‘Vrinda’, one of the many names of the sacred tulsi (basil) plant, considered to be one of the purest devotees of Krishna. Even today, the forested area of Nidhivan carries the essence of this sacred name in its lush green foliage. Standing on the banks of River Yamuna, the pilgrimage town today is home to hundreds of temples and ashrams, both ancient and new, bringing alive and glorifying the playful pastimes of Lord Krishna in their own distinctive ways. In the wake of a multitude of holy temples spread all around, to filter the best that will gratify your spiritual appetite.

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